Last Japan

Last Japan a producer who has closely-aligned to the mutant, hybrid sounds emanating from both instrumental grime and wider strands of UK- centric bass music has certainly carved out his own niche within the landscape over the last three years. His sound is a positively cold spin on formative grime beats, laced with full-blooded melodies and softer, eerier textures.

Following a short burst of grime singles via Sony that saw Last Japan oversee commissioned work for Nokia and fashion brand, Kenzo, Last Japan’s self- released mixtape, ‘Ride With Us’ (2014), was the first to fully alert the wider scene to his conceptual, future-facing producer world, and take note.

Last Japan joined the ranks of emergent grime label, Coyote Records, from which he has since launched ‘Harca’ and 2016's highly anticipated track ‘Ascend’ – arguably his most identifiable track to date - his signature icy grime production supported effortlessly by MOBO award nominee, AJ Tracey. ‘LUNA’ a 7 track EP released in March 2018 runs parallel to the work released on Coyote Records and was arranged to evoke personal interpretations from the listener – “it's a winter-inspired body of work; a soundtrack to misty days and cold, crisp nights”.

Late in 2018 Last Japan followed LUNA with a 3 track collaboration with Finnish producer Inner – ‘Cold Ascent’ was released on Last Japan’s own label Ascend which saw both producers fuse their own tastes and influences from Drill, Grime and Jungle.

Last Japan has since transitioned into the world of producing for other artists with a cuts on the 2018 album by Jam Baxter ‘Touching Scenes’ and 2019 EP ‘Off Piste’ as well as a number of other collaborations in the works.